Carbon 60 balm with Hemp, Helichrysum & Saffron.


We are excited to release our latest balm creation. It’s fluffier in texture compared to our other buttery balms and contains some very intriguing and powerful ingredients. One of which is about to take the world of health and wellness by storm - CARBON 60.


Initial feedback from customers:

Since releasing this balm for trials at local farmers markets and most recently at the Hemp Expo in Brisbane, we have been absolutely inundated with positive feedback. In particular, customers are protesting this balms ability to clear long term skin issues within days. Our farmers market regulars who have been using this product for several weeks all tell us a similar tale – this balm is remarkable in its ability to  give the skin new found radiance and suppleness.


So WHAT is Carbon 60 anyway?

Carbon is a very versatile element, which can manifest itself in many allotropes such as graphite (for pencils), coal and diamond, just to name a few. We humans are carbon based creatures, as is all biological life on our planet. C60 is a naturally occurring form of sixty carbon atoms joined in perfect structure that forms a geometrical sphere made of 20 hexagons and 12 pentagons which has become known as a Bucky Ball (after Buckminster Fuller).


C60 is a master molecule which offers tremendous health benefits. Due to its unique molecular composition and structure, it is able to effectively neutralize ROS (reactive oxygen species) or free radicals which would otherwise destroy healthy cells and cause oxidation and aging. Reports are flowing in that it has helped people with a wide variety of ailments.


Carbon 60 and EMF Radiation

EMF radiation can be toxic, carcinogenic and can lead to rapid and premature aging. Why? It comes down to the fact that it produces excess free radicals in the body – the molecules which cause oxidative stress. This relates to what was mentioned above regarding the relationship between free radicles, antioxidants and the aging process. Since C60 is a master antioxidant, there is very good reason to believe that it can offer some defence against the coming 5G EMF saturation. More research needs to be done, but at this stage, we know that C60 does mitigate the damaging oxidation and aging caused by EMF. We also know that it can reside within fat cells for months, continuously offering the aforementioned benefits. When you consider that each skin cell has a lipid (fat) barrier, the potential for lasting protection within the skin is undeniable.


Like it or not, the truth is that we live in a distorted environment. Exhaust fumes, pharmaceutical residues in the water supply, microplastics, heavy metals, GMOs, EMF, and countless other toxins are, sadly, a daily part of many people’s lives. We were not designed to live under such a toxic assault, and nor can we thrive if we don’t take steps to protect ourselves. You have to use safe, natural and effective remedies to keep yourself clean and sane. It’s early days with what we know about C60, but it most certainly has amazing benefits for your skin and offers an unrivalled level of environmental protection.


Hemp, Helichrysum & Carbon 60 Balm 50ml

  • Cold Pressed Tasmanian Hemp Seed, *Coconut & *Olive Oil, Pure Australian Beeswax, *Saffron Infused Almond Oil, Carbon 60 Fullerenes, Vitamin E and Pure *Helichrysum Essential Oil

    * Indicates certified organic ingredients

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