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organic skin products

Against The Grain Health is about returning to a state of harmonic resonance with the Earth and all its beings. 

We have always honoured the mantra 'if it doesn’t look, feel or smell like you can eat it; don’t put it on your skin'. That's why we insist on using only the highest quality raw ingredients which are 100% natural, free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides and GMO.

The use of toxic, compromised skin care is not only affecting us, its affecting our children and the eco-systems they will grow up in.
We wish to empower you as a sovereign being by providing access to products that are in their highest integrity. 

One of the ways we do that is to 'flip the script' when it comes to skincare. We create multi-use skin products using potent, plant based, non-toxic ingredients. Whether it be our Healers' Balm varieties, tinted SPF Zinc Balm or the Carbon 60 Balm, our creations are made entirely of the natural world and offer a holistic, transcendental approach to skin care. That's why all of our base ingredients are ethically sourced from suppliers whom share our founding values of trust, passion & integrity.

To be nurtured by nature is a reciprocal relationship, meaning it has to go both ways. Any separation we envision, is an illusion of the 5 senses. Man playing God with nature, the foundation of our current world view, has served its purpose but now with so much devastation we can see the inherent flaws. A belief system that informs the idea we must protect ourselves from, or control the natural world in order to survive has long since expired. With many advancements in our comprehension and in technology there is no doubt we can move in balance with the Earth. Embrace your natural state and awareness dear reader. We need only to move in greater alignment with nature and with ourselves because the earth and the universe are alive and constantly co-creating.
Indeed we are nature and thus we must return to balance within our environments, if we are to thrive in this human experience. Wilderness conservation and community building is at the core of our passion, which is why we are active in giving back to the earth and supporting efforts around Australia.
Join us in our mission & go Against The Grain - back to nature.

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