About us

Against the Grain Health products are comprised entirely of  100% natural, high quality, ethically sourced, raw ingredients provided by suppliers whom share our philosophy.


Its our mission to steer the dialogue away from symptom driven, band-aid approaches to health and educate individuals about alternative forms of healing which walk the line between positive scientific understanding and the test of time.

Our alchemy is not possible without the wondrous creations of our natural environment. For example, the diligent and selfless Bee whom facilitates life on every level. We seek only to holistically facilitate natures best, and combine it in such a way that everyday skin products are infused with plant extracts to support the mind, brain, body and soul.


We encourage those who agitate the status quo and in their individual missions come from a place of integrity, bringing us back to a place of harmony with Mother Nature.

Join us in our mission and go 'Against The Grain'


About Brad 

After graduating in Health Sciences at the University of South Australia, Brad’s journey began with his family’s struggles with autoimmune mystery illnesses. Experiencing first hand the lack of effectiveness of steroid creams for psoriasis and the connection between the gut, brain and skin, Brad began experimenting with alternative remedies that would change his life. Through this he was able to gain a greater understanding of the undeniable synchronicity that we share with nature and what that means for us as we step into a brave new world. 

Brad started Against The Grain Health with a passion to help share what he has learnt and to keep discovering more about our connection with the natural environment. So he did what any ‘Against The Grainer’ would do - He purchased a van and hit the road! His travels took him along the East Coast of Australia, running pop-up market stalls along the way and batching his product in National Parks. A journey without destination landed this business-on-wheels in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland and it’s felt like home ever since. 


Running 3 local market stalls a week has been an amazing experience not only in terms of community, but has also presented an opportunity to speak with people from all walks of life; gaining a deeper understanding of the wellness struggles we are suffering with in the 21st century. One of the major factors impacting the health of people in Australia is the number of chemicals they are exposed to everyday. The skin absorbs 70% of whatever you put on it into the bloodstream and simply stated most products we have been using have untested chemicals which don’t belong in your body. Understanding the nature of your skin and being mindful of what you put on it is one of the biggest ways you can liberate yourself from this toxic haze we find ourselves in.

"Against The Grain Health will always live up to its name which is why we flip the script on this nonsensical approach and infuse our products with only nature’s best. Our ambition is to continue to create everyday products that are not only organic, non-toxic, long-lasting, and a pleasure to use, but also so effective that people are pleasantly surprised and delighted. You can count on us to always hand make our creations with integrity and intention. Building a business that completely embodies the change we need to see in the world, is, and always will be our major motivation."

Yours in health, Brad