Our Handmade Products

Nature has indeed provided us with all the nourishment your bodies largest organ needs. Backwards is the new forwards and we invite you to enjoy a skin care range that is so natural and effective it's shock therapy.

Multi-Use Products That Last

We strive to create products that serve to assist you in a multitude of ways. Not only that, we actually want them to last you a long time, which is why you will find no water in our products. They are rich and smooth in texture. Whether you use them for dryness, sun protection or skin repair, a little always goes a long way and a little is all you need!  

Why 'Skin Food'?

Its pretty basic really, for our skin to experience healthy cellular renewal, maintain moisture and protect us against harmful everyday toxins it needs omega fatty acids. 


Thats why we include an abundance of organic, cold-pressed olive, coconut or hemp seed oil which are high in omega fatty acids that the skin soaks up easily. None of our products are sticky or greasy in anyway and will always leave your skin feeling refreshed & nourished.


Adaptogenic Herbs & Mushrooms

Against The Grain Health is proud to offer our very own range of adaptogenic herb and mushroom blends, created from the personal wellness journey of ATG founder Brad McDonald.


“Having used these extracts almost daily for a little over 3 years now, I can honestly say it’s been remarkable to experience both the initial and long term benefits of regularly using adaptogens. To name a few, I’ve noticed abundant energy, focus, clarity, connection, restful sleeps, harmonised immune function.”

We encourage you to Replace The Ritual of stimulants (coffee) and depressants (alcohol) with something that not only helps calm the farm but also gets you going in the morning! Incorporate one or all of our blends into your daily life and you will very quickly notice the well-known benefits of adaptogenic herbs & mushrooms. 


Here at ATG, we believe that in order to incorporate adaptogens into your everyday life we needed to produce blends that our customers would not only connect with, but are also super tasty and enjoyable to consume. So, we’ll be releasing recipes to help you get the tonic train humming.


After a little over a year of experimenting and improving the blend ratios, we are proud to bring you five super flavoursome blends.

Morning ritual adaptogenic tonics are for:


  • Helping us tap into our wellness, daily!


  • Assisting us to embrace a grounded and enthused feeling.


  • Helping us to harmonise and optimising one’s self, day by day.


  • Show that as we honour the nature within us, we come back to the nature around us.