Delicious Danni Detox Coffee Scrub 150g

A lush aromatic coffee scrub made with REAL, FRESH coffee and enriched with some of natures best botanicals to leave your skin feeling and looking happier than ever!


Ingredients from nature:

Ethically Sourced Freshly Ground Coffee, Sunshine Coast Sand, Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil, Shizandra Berry, Chaga Mushroom, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Ayurvedic Mineral Salt, MSM, Essential Oil Blend - Clary Sage & Ylang Ylang.


These delicious inclusions are packed with high levels of lipids, antioxidants, vitamins and amino acids, which nourish, brighten, calm and purify the largest human organ... your skin! 


Based on priciples of ayurvedic medicine 'as is above is so below' we have infused this scrub with the adaptogenic beauty herb Shizandra Berry, anti-aging powerhouse Chaga mushroom, as well as organic sulfur (MSM) and hemp seed oil.


How it works: 

When applying coffee to the skin we experience a dialation of the blood vessels which asists in opening the flow of blood and oxygen to the skins surface, whereby it is able to achieve a healthy circulation and release toxins via the skins pores. Therefore, the idea behind our scrub was to assist the skin in its natural action of detoxing the body, by dialating the bloody vessels, helping to release toxins and in the process providing the skin with some much needed nourishment.


With regular use, one might notice a plumpness returning to the skin, meaning its can help reduce the appereance of imperfections such as cellulite. The abundance of antioxidants in this scrub also aids in the production of collagen, which plays a key role in anti-aging.


With regular use this scrub will last you at least 2 months. We at Against The Grain Health don't short change the skin and we certainly don't short change you!


What else can the scrub be used for?

Based on customer feedback we have created a short list of what our market regulars have noticed when using our coffee scrub:


- Makes you feels awake and alert

- Leaves the skin feeling exfoliated, but moisturised

- Works well on fungal skin issues (thanks to Chaga mushroom)

- Relieves itchy and inflammed skin issues like eczema and psoriasis

- Reduces blackheads

- Washes off easily

- Is the perfect amount of courseness as an exfoliator without creating micro tears in the skin

- Can be used wet in the shower or dry (for example, skin brushing)

Delicious Danni Detox Coffee Scrub 150g

  • Blessed with love and intention we combine - Ethically Sourced Coffee, Sunshine Coast Sand, Tasmanian Hemp Seed Oil, Shizandra Berry, Chaga Mushroom, Natural Vitamin E Oil, Ayurvedic Mineral Salt,  MSM,  Essential Oil Blend.