Nootropic Blend

Contains: Rhodiola, Mucuna, Lions Mane, Aswagandha, Gynostemma


Most noted traits of blend:

  • Brain health & function
  • Assists with Dopamine & Serotonin Issues
  • Tastes strong, but as they say ‘the bitterer the better’
  • A strong gathering of Tonic Herbalism’s most revered Nootropics

How To Use:
½ - 1 tsp daily. Stir into hot water with plant milk for an instant tonic tea or add to soups, broths and smoothies.


Store in cool dry place with lid on tight. Take care not to use a wet
teaspoon as the powders can be quiet sensitive to moisture.

Nootropic Blend

  • Those who haven’t heard “mushroom tonic anyone?”, offered across the local farmers market courtyard, haven’t been around our stand lately. When offered a ‘mushroom tonic’ you can almost see some folk go straight into imagining the flavour profile of regular button
    mushrooms. It’s then a pleasure to broaden their awareness that, not only does it not taste anything like button mushrooms, but that it is a pleasant tasting tonic with many wellbeing traits.

    Imagine waking up to a warm herbal & mushroom tonic, with some cocoa, dates, banana and plant based milk. Spun up in a blender to a soft creamy consistency. Ohhh yeah! Morning ritual mushroom tonics are for:

    • Helping us tap into our wellness, daily!
    • Assisting us to embrace a grounded and enthused feeling.
    • Helping us to harmonise and optimising one’s self, day by day.
    • Show that as we honour the nature within us, we come back to the nature around us.