Replace The Ritual

ATG in cahoots with OHM to bring you a limited-edition care package!


“We’re flipping the script when it comes to your drinking ritual”.


Riana from Open Hearts Mend (sunshine coast) has lovingly hand-crafted magnificent Tonic Mugs and we include an adaptogen blend of your choice. 


"Take time for yourself each day to drop into felt sense. There is much that awaits the soul when the mind settles into somatic language of the body”.


When you purchase a "Replace the Ritual" care package, you will also receive two ATG recipes. We want to help educate our community about the versatility of being able to use these blends in multiple food forms and dishes. 


Empower your wellness journey with daily adaptogenic nutrition. When you incorporate these intelligent life forms into everyday life, that's when you start to notice the genuine long term benefits of consuming adaptogens. The phrase 'you are what you eat' has never been more profound.


Replace The Ritual

  • Those who haven’t heard “mushroom tonic anyone?”, offered across the local farmers market courtyard, haven’t been around our stand lately.

    When offered a ‘mushroom tonic’ you can almost see some folk go straight into imagining the flavour profile of regular button
    mushrooms. It is then a pleasure to broaden their awareness that, not only does it not taste anything like button mushrooms, but that it is a pleasant tasting tonic with many wellbeing traits.

    Imagine waking up to a warm herbal & mushroom tonic, with some cocoa, dates, banana and plant based milk. Spun up in a blender to a soft creamy consistency. Ohhh yeah YUM!

    Morning ritual mushroom tonics are for:

    • Helping us tap into our wellness, daily!
    • Assisting us to embrace a grounded and enthused feeling.
    • Helping us to harmonise and optimising one’s self, day by day.
    • Show that as we honour the nature within us, we come back to the nature around us.
  • Well, simply put…Adaptogens are a particular class of herbs & mushrooms that help the body to adapt to stress. We can experience many forms of stress including physical, emotional, & chemical. It’s our capacity to adapt to our ever-changing environment that allows us to more smoothly ride the waves of change. If you have looked into the nature of mushrooms for example they are incredibly adaptive, and sowhen we consume particular ones we acquire their adaptiveness, especially when ingested consistently over time.

    The great underground network, that occasionally likes to show off and yield fruiting bodies– mushrooms. So, this mycelium, tells a story. It demonstrates similarities to our nervous systems and neural pathways in the way its mycelial web like structure extends throughout and between forests. Allowing nature to communicate and exchange nutrients.

    In exchange for breaking down old trees and reconstituting them back into the earth, the mycelium gives back by delivering nutrients from the soil to the roots of the forests’ trees, passing messages and conducting a key role within the greatest symphony the world has ever seen. And guess what?! It’s been right under our noses all along.

    Within the holistic environment, as well as on a systemic level, adaptogens are fundamentally about helping us to come back into balance. As we often say…Come back to nature. Come back to you.

    Different plant and mushroom derived adaptogens have individual traits and you can be particular about what you journey with. So please feel free to do some research beyond this page. There is now a great deal of information online on this topic and plenty of hard science to back it up. It’s a beautiful thing to see awareness grow around the benefits of inviting adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms into your wellness journey.