Sunblessed Care Package

Your Summer essentials are here folks!

The Holy Trinity of sun care products to protect and nourish your skin.

Choose between light, medium and dark Zinc Balm.

Paired with our Peppermint Lip Balm to keep those smackers moist and our soothing Lavenders Healers’ Balm. Suitable for all ages and all skin issues.


Zinc Balm 

Zinc Balm was created with the intention of being much more than your average SPF moisturiser. We wanted to create a product that was 100% handmade, reef safe, human safe, smelt fantastic, is easy to apply and contains only non-toxic, ethically sourced ingredients that people can trust.


Base ingredients:

30% Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Organic Cocoa Powder, Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut & Olive Oil, Australia Beeswax and Wild-crafted Vitamin E oil.


Choose between:

Light - Lavender, Peppermint & Carrot Seed Essential Oils

Medium - Helicrysum Essential Oil

Dark - Frankinsence, Raspberry Seed Oil & Chaga infused Coconut Oil.


Lavender Healers' Balm

This balm contains an abundance of Lavender – The Grandmother of Essential Oils and is 100% natural and safe for the whole family.


Peppermint Lip Balm

To keep those smackers moist this Aussie Summer.

Sunblessed Care Package

  • Based on customer feedback we have found that applying to skin colour will achieve approximately 2 hours of 30+ SPF equivalent sun protection.

    To achieve a longer protection apply a second coat, to which you might see a slight opaque colour. This tends to disappear as well in 20 minutes, but the protection remains bound to the skin with beeswax. 

    Aside from having plenty of non-nano zinc oxide there is also additional sun protection offered from other ingredients which are proven to exhibit protection from UVA and UVB damage.

    To apply: There is a knack! Once you have 'the knack' this sun protection is a pleasure to use. Simply warm a small amount between the fingertips, tap onto exposed areas, ensuring even coverage, and simply rub to skin colour.